We create personalized programs that empower youth 14-24 to become self sufficient through T.E.A

We say we serve T.E.A - Technology Entrepreneurship and the Arts


Technology is a big part of running a business and creative process in this day and age and that is why it is a crucial of our programming.


At the core of our program, we provide teens an opportunity to create their own businesses, learn financial literacy and what it is like to manage real life business.


All our businesses are art based and creatively driven and we also strive to offer yearly public art opportunities for young talented artists.

Youth Interactive comprises of six vibrant youth led businesses and a powerful "Get It Done" overarching program, which helps all our student bridge the opportunity divide they face each and every day.

At YI, staff and mentors work with low income, at risk youth to create real life businesses utilizing technology, art, and entrepreneurship. Students come minimum twice a week; once to work on their business, learn sales, P&L's budgets for strong financial literacy and once to work with their vocational mentors on innovation and the creation of their product.

Each of these viable microbusinesses allow youth to put their creativity and skills to work, build a resume, learn valuable entrepreneurship skills, and gain real life work while earning school credit and a paycheck.

For youth who live in poverty, are on probation, are homeless, or struggle in school, YI provides...

  • A safe meaningful place where they are respected for their contributions and develop mentoring relationships so important to teens;
  • An opportunity to have a voice through exhibitions, commercial services, and business management;
  • The respect and responsibility of paid employment that provides self-esteem and financial accountability.
  • Educational experiences and support that encourage academic achievement.
  • High school students earn School Credits for taking part in YI Programming which helps them graduate.
  • Being part of YI will help youth on probation by allowing teem to work off probation community service and prove that they are on the right path to positive behavior patterns which will be taken in consideration in their profile assessment.