The Youth Interactive Mission

Youth Interactive offers a new kind of educational approach, one that meets the needs of students and the demands of life in a global economy. We create youth led businesses and mentor students’ creativity to help ignite their imagination and provide them with new opportunities to develop the life skills needed to succeed beyond school.

Our goal is to bridge opportunity and social divisions by providing creative young adults from all walks of life with the keys to

Why is Youth Interactive Needed?

In the last hundred years America has gone from a model T to Tesla and from a switchboard to a smartphone, but public high schools have stayed frozen in time. At Youth Interactive we believe American ingenuity can and must move education forward. We believe the next generation has the solution and we have created an after school program that is designed with youth, for youth and supports youth from all walks of life through school to a better life until this happens...

Youth Interactive offers this unique approach, a mix of vocational, creative and real life business skill sets, which is proving incredibly popular with students & delivering quantifiable outcomes. As a result, we have been asked by the city of Santa Maria, Ventura, Lompoc & Fresno to implant & replicate YI Chapters in their cities. We are increasingly working with local schools, colleges, universities, businesses, non profit organizations, artists, entrepreneurs, foundations, temporary shelters, city departments, Santa Barbara County Probation Department, Santa Barbara County School District and The California Investment Board to gather the feedback on our program we need to do just that. The goal now is to reach the operational & funding capacity needed so that we can have the manpower & ability to begin to create a blueprint for a model program that can in the next 2-5 years be replicated as YI Chapters Nationwide.

Who We Are

Founded in 2012, Youth Interactive Santa Barbara (YI) is a grassroots after school Entrepreneurial Arts Academy that bridges opportunity & social divisions by providing creative young adults from all walks of life with the keys to self-sufficiency.

Past participants say, the YI approach has changed the pathway of their lives from a place of darkness & failure to success! 


Each of our youth led microbusinesses allow youth to put their creativity and skills to work, build a resume, learn valuable entrepreneurial skills, and gain real life work while earning school credit and a paycheck.


We limit our total enrollment to 90 students in order to provide and connect each youth with the services they need to explore the potential pathways towards their dreams.


We offer a happy creative after school environment. Our professional programs give youth 14-24 a transformational set of real life skills and resources to address Common Core learning standards.