how we make impact

There’s a great craving today for an evolution of education. 

The creative process is a powerful force for social change. Being able to experience mentor lead, creative entrepreneurship is a productive and life-changing opportunity for young people to explore their passion and strive to be happy, productive and evolved members of society. 

Corporations are seeking creative thinkers and our programs are producing them.


Each of our youth led businesses enable students to put their creativity, passion and work entrepreneurship acumen to work. It allows them to build a resume, gain real life work experience in art & business, learn financial literacy, leadership & team building skills while earning school credits and a paycheck.

This is our most important program created to bridge the opportunity divide and help all our students be ready for college and life. - free and available to all our students. We treat students from all walks of life like responsible, valuable young adults, holding them accountable for their choices and supporting them to reach for their dreams. 

Our valued volunteer and paid mentors spread word about what our teens can do, promote their work, find clients and retail outlets for them, refer young people who could benefit from working with us, mentor youth, teach and work on all our special projects. Come meet our young people and talk with us about how you can become involved.