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IDentity - VADA exhibition @ State Gallery

Youth Interactive is pleased to partner with Santa Barbara High School’s Visual Art & Design (VADA) program. We are excited to present IDentity, a senior showcase mixing identity, social media and presentation of self in our State Gallery space.

About the exhibition IDentity -

In a world defined by selfies and social media, we can be anyone we present ourselves to be. 

How honest are we about that presentation? Living in a performative world, looking especially in a community that bills itself as paradise, how we craft our character becomes paramount to telling a story. 

Who are you? How do you view your identity? Not a physical or obvious self portrait, but a character study of what you are made of. As an artist, a student, a son or daughter, brother or sister, a resident of your community, or an online identity. What identifies you and makes you unique?

IDentity will be in the gallery through the weekend, ending on November 4th. Join us during the First Thursday Art Walk 5pm - 8pm and throughout the weekend to see this powerful student work.