Arianna Rebecca Sanchez

Arianna Rebecca Sanchez is a student in Visual Art and Design Academy located in Santa Barbara High School. She’s 16 years old and a ninth generation Santa Barbarian.  She enjoys all type of media and is interested to explore herself as an artist. Outside her practice at the creative studio, she participates in Fiesta as a flamenco dancer. Her inspiration comes from her Hispanic culture.

Roberto Flores

Roberto Flores attends Santa Barbara High School and as an artist, he does most of his work at the Visual Arts and Design Academy (VADA). Roberto does a lot of sketching and watercolor, but spends more time oil painting on canvas, especially painting facial features. Roberto hopes Youth Interactive prepares him with his future career as a freelance artist. “I enjoy artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Banksy, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali and Leonardo de Vinci.”

Robert Palma 

Robert is a senior in the The Visual Arts & Design Academy located inside the Santa Barbara High School. Street art is his preferred interest in art. A goal of Robert's, as an artist, is to find a way to incorporate his love for the art that he finds in the streets with architectural designs not commonly found on the streets. Markers, pencils, pens, spray paint, and water color are his main tools. Some of his favorite artists are Gone, Robert Palma, and David Flores. Each of their works inspires him to make pieces of art that are eye catching 


Trevor Coopersmith

Trevor Coopersmith is a 21 year old college student. Trevor never had a strong interest in artwork until he went on a cruise ship to Ensenada, Mexico. On the side streets he noticed a man making incredible paintings with cups, magazines, carving tools, and spray paint. After doing some research and practicing, Trevor decided to start a business. He now sells his paintings at Mira Costa College and at local art shows in the San Diego area. He won 1st place in the Del Mar Fair Teen Art Contest and won 2nd Place Best in Show at a Carlsbad High School Art Show. 


Caius Sztuk

Caius has been doing art since he was little, taking art classes since Fifth Grade. He usually paints in acrylic, pen, or ink. Caius aspires to increase his skills and get his art our into the public eye.



Kamryn Bauersfeld

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Kamryn Bauersfeld attends Santa Barbara High School and is in the Visual Arts and Design Academy. Her interest in art began in elementary due to her inspiration from animated cartoons. She currently enjoys all types of media, but is aspiring to become an animator/character designer. She sees Youth Interactive as an opportunity to learn more about her own art, to improve artistically, and learn about the business behind the art world.


Andy Tabares 

Andy recently took the leap to pursue art as a career. She currently attends UCSB majoring in Art. Although she’s in the process of developing her own voice through the art world as a conceptual artist, Andy practices her skills through various projects that have come her way. Her goal as an artist is to develop emotion as well as concept through her work, whether it’s awareness for a global issue or for the sake of it just being art. Andy states, ”My practice is mostly oil painting, but I’m currently focusing my work as a cross between sculptural and textural painting.” 

Mariana Esquivel 

Mariana is a Costa Rican, studying art at City College.
Her interests range from oil painting to creative directing.
She drives her inspiration from nature, world cultures, spiritual healing and social taboos…She’s also a  self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist



Alejandra Diaz

My name is Alejandra Diaz and I am a senior at Santa Barbara High School, where I am also part of the Visual Arts and Design Academy. I enjoy painting in oil and watercolor, drawing in charcoal, and creating things on Photoshop. During my time at Youth Interactive, I hope to figure out who I am as an artist, what kind of art I want to contribute to the art world, how to sell my art, and how to build an online presence.


Yanely Delgado 

Born in Santa Barbara but raised in Ventura, Yanely Delgado innately began to make art. As a kid, she focused on drawing and painting cartoons or still-life. College later broadened her interest in various types of mediums, and as of now can’t stick to one. She enjoys the inventive process that comes along, when creating mixed media work. Some of her main influences are Kikiz1313, Blu, Joa Rauss and Jhonson Tsang.  She hopes to see her artwork mature by collaborating with other artist as an intern for Youth Interactive.

Karim Cortez 

Art is Karim's gateway for escaping the reality and into the organic and complex world of my mind. With so much imagination and love of colors, Karim paints these images onto a blank surface. He uses whatever he can grab and makes his world come into this reality. Filled with endless possibilities and countless ideas that he carries, he has grown and been accepted for who he is and what he loves. He may day dream a lot, but that doesn’t mean his head isn’t too far from the ground.

Sage Gaspar 

Sage­ is a 15 year old young artist and student at Santa Barbara High School. She joined the Visual Arts Center Academy at her school, and she is doing the required mentorship and internship at Creative Studio.  Her favorite art medium is acrylic painting. Sage is also a contemporary and hip ­hop dancer, and she has been dancing for nine years. Besides dancing and arts, Sage is interested in Chicano Studies and Activism. She is considering to go to Rhode Island School of Design or UC Berkeley.


Louisa Ann Edwards 

Art has always been an aspect of me. I spend all my extra time painting, completely immersed. I have a love for nature as deep as my love for art. I long for a world embellished with the beauty of mother nature. My current work impersonates, and explores this beauty. I am keenly interested in environmental science, and studies. I envision a future in which I pursue my two loves: a collaboration between environmentalism and art.

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