Father's Day Gift Guide: 8 gifts that dad will love (and are good for the world too)

With less than five days until Father’s Day, time is ticking to find that perfect gift. Luckily, the Youth Interactive Shop has got you covered.

Here is a list of 8 great gifts that are perfect for dad and available NOW in the YI Shop! Let us help you show your father how much he means to you!

  1. You can’t go wrong with a cute card filled with a little love and words of affirmation. Because let’s face it, we can never truly tell him enough times how much we love and appreciate him. These cards are made by Wrinkle and Crease and are homemade and eco-friendly!

    Instagram: @wrinkleandcrease


2. Give dad a little Santa Barbara love, with our CA-themed shirts! My dad got one of the LIVE Santa Barbara shirts in the rust color last time he was in town, and let me tell you, he wears it all the time! It is so cute. Our California bear shirts are a best seller and make for great gifts, especially if your dad doesn’t live in Santa Barbara (or does and loves a little SB pride!)


3. Who says that dads can’t be hip? Grab one of these hand-loomed cashmere scarves from Slate and Salt! These scarves are extremely soft and pair very well with our Santa Barbara shirts (see pictured).

Not to mention, each one is made in Pokhara, Nepal by blind, deaf, or disabled weavers who are learning how to become personally and financially independent through weaving. What a cool gift! These scarves are going quick, though, so hurry over to get one for your dad! (or yourself too for that matter?)


Instagram: @slateandsalt

4. While we’re on the topic of apparel, check out these hats from Freedom 4 Youth! The hats come in a snapback style or in a more classic “dad-hat” style. With summer starting, what better gift than a hat? Plus, every purchase of F4Y goods supports the local non-profit and their mission for helping and supporting at-promise youth in our community!

Instagram: @freedom4youthorg


5. Does your dad like art? Mine has covered almost every wall in the house with some sort of painting or photo. Can you relate? Well luckily, here at YI, we know art, and we have A LOT of it available for you. The pieces pictures are by one of our students, Jack Miles. These, along with many other student works, are on display just waiting to be added to your father’s in-house collection!

6. Speaking of art, each of these photos are mounted on wood and are absolutely stunning. The artist, Tim Davison, has traveled all over the world as a wildlife artist, educator, filmmaker, and speaker to share about the importance of conservation and sustainability. The pieces for sale include pictures of giraffes, zebras, monkeys, elephants, and more.

Instagram: @davisonart.co


7. A classic, but can you ever go wrong with coffee? Give your dad a little extra of a reason to think of you every morning as he makes himself a cup.

This coffee is from Dart Coffee Co., a Santa Barbara based company. Every bag of Dart coffee is ethically sourced and fair-trade. They work with small-lot indigenous farmers to create delicious, ethical coffee.

Instagram: @dartcoffeeco


8. Last but definitely not least is my favorite gift idea for Father’s Day this year. Each of the products pictured (the two tables, wine bottle holder, and bowls) are repurposed from old wine barrels by one of our student businesses, Resurrected by Youth! RBY is made up of a group of boys at Los Prietos Boys Camp who are taught carpentry skills. Each purchase helps provide the boys with an income once they leave the camp.

Whatever you decide, I hope this weekend can be a great opportunity for you to spend time with or spend time remembering your dad or a father-like figure in your life! Happy Father’s Day!

End of the Semester Recap: YI Events and Programs

The end of the semester has been a busy time at Youth Interactive!


End of Semester Recap:

1st Thursday Student Showcase: Our Student Showcase is one of, if not, the biggest events of the year for our students. This is when each team and each student gets a chance to showcase to the public everything they have been working on! This year, we had many amazing parts to the evening! Our Creative Studio team covered our walls in astounding and beautiful works. All pieces are for purchase and those not sold are still in the shop now! Pier Pressure Designs had custom bags being made for customers in real time. After guests picked out their preferred fabrics and zippers, the students took them to the sewing machine to create the product right before their eyes. Infinite Treasure made personalized necklaces and rings. Guests got to pick the semi-precious stone and then the students created the jewelry right there! Havok teamed with Creative Studio to make custom-designed shirts. They also debuted their new t-shirt designs. Overall, it has been a great semester, and we are so glad our students could see their hard work pay off as they shared it with the Santa Barbara community.

Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf, CalCPA, and SBCC came into our business classes to help students learn more about scholarships and financial aid! They helped make FASFA less intimidating, provided resources, and gave tips and tools for students to use as they work toward looking at and applying to colleges.

Vision Board Extravaganza: Get It Done hosted a 2-day Vision Board Extravaganza. During, students were able to channel their creativity as they thought about their future, their dreams, and their goals. They cut up magazines and created boards to represent what they envision for their future!

End of Semester Awards, Parties, and Closings: To celebrate the end of the semester, our student-led businesses gave awards and certificates to their Student Leaders, CEOs, and CFOs for their willingness to go above and beyond for their team! Havok and Pier Pressure Designs even had an Ice Cream Sundae and Movie Party, where they brought bean bags into the business room and watched Black Panther! How fun to celebrate with the students and honor their hard work.



Student Spotlight: Elle

Elle Kamiuru is finishing her junior year at Santa Barbara High School in the Visual Arts and Design Academy.

Elle CS.jpeg

Since a young age, Elle has been interested in film and technology related mediums. Because of this interest, Elle went with Peace Works Travel to the San Diego-Tijuana border this past January to learn about immigration policy, film making, and storytelling. There, she and the others on the trip worked with a film marker to create a documentary about a woman from Honduras seeking asylum in the United States.

After the trip, Elle was connected with Jenny, who is in the film industry, so she could continue to learn the ins and outs of filmmaking. Since meeting, Elle has started working on creating a promotional video for the Creative Studio team. Jenny lets Elle use her film equipment and together, they have met four or five times to work on the project.

In the future, Elle hopes to continue doing film related things. While she doesn’t think there is a specific film job she is working toward, she hopes that she can “just be in it.” She does think it would be fun to create videos like the Vox Borders Videos or music related videos. For her next project, Elle is going to Spain to learn Spanish and film her experience.

In addition to working in film, Elle and YI student Mariela Meza wrote an article entitled “Youth Interactive: A Student Perspective” that was published in Voice Magazine. Both Elle and Mariela think that it is “cool that it is in [the magazine].” After the article was published, Elle and Mariela ran into an employee from Voice Magazine who recognized them from their article. Elle says that interaction made her words being published seem more real.

Read their full story here:


Collaborative Impact: Freedom 4 Youth

We are excited to announce a new addition to the Youth Interactive Collaborative!

Welcome aboard, Freedom 4 Youth!


What is Freedom 4 Youth?

Freedom 4 Youth is a comprehensive, grassroots program that empowers youth within and beyond the juvenile justice system. F4Y provides personal and leadership development, one-on-one mentorship, and tailored transition support to help youth progress from detention to freedom while identifying fulfilling careers, pursuing higher education, and nurturing their families. The stories of the youth they serve demonstrate that their compassion and commitment pay off with decreased recidivism or re-incarceration rates, positive career and education outcomes, and increased community engagement. 

“Youth Interactive has championed a beautiful co-location of youth directed organizations and services, so we are super excited to be joining the team!”

How can we and others help support F4Y?

Freedom 4 Youth has many products in the YI Shop now, including sweatshirts, hats, backpacks, and candles. 100% of the proceeds Freedom 4 Youth earns directly benefit their youth. Their premium, hand-poured, all natural soy candles are made with essential oils and contain no synthetic fragrances, toxins, or paraffin. All candles are made by those who are currently or formerly incarcerated.  Purchasing a Freedom 4 Youth product is supporting F4Y and the youth they serve. Thank you for your support of local youth who are "at-promise."