What a GREAT Beach Clean up!!!

Thank you Don’s Net cafe for their partnership on this event, to Jesus for organising the youth clean up and to all the students that took part in helping clean our beach: 

Jesus Terrazas, Alex Gazga, Max Light, Linda Arellano, Michelle Matamoros, Enma Nunez, Edvin Nunez, Francisco Nunez, Hector Avila, Elizabeth Avila, Mario Guerrero, Jenny Muran, Paloma Rincon, Estevan Arroyo, Elvis Mancilla, Henry Almengor, Leticia Zuniga, Kenneth Elias, Brandon Jimenez, Estevan Orozco, Marisol Orozco, Thalia Quevedo.  

And finally a big thank YOU to our partner  Warner Bros for giving all our students who participated a tickets to see the awesome movie Pacific Rim…