This weekend some of our amazingly talented artists at Youth Interactive took part in the final display of the rotating murals at the AMASS Gallery down in the funk zone after demolition was postponed for a later part of the year! We couldn’t be more proud or excited for them to be apart of this project, and to continue to be supported by the Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative to show their work in such a huge way. Just last month some of our boys worked together to collaborate on a mural that is displayed on the side of the Indigo Hotel on State Street! Jonathan, one of our mural artists on site this weekend say that to them, Youth Interactive means “Creative Expression.” This couldn’t be more of a reality for these boys now that they have established themselves as local artists in Santa Barbara. With that being said, we continue to see how encouraging entrepreneurship through the arts is such a vital part of our flourishing artistic community!

What is the importance of public art in Santa Barbara

Much like anywhere else, it is a reminder to all of us that as human beings we are unique in the interlocked chain of thinkers and doers that exist in this world. We have a unique desire to create art, and to appreciate art. In fact public art is a constant and lovely reminder of our humanity.

How transformative is art for troubled to at risk youth

Recent studies have shown the significant role that art education plays in the development of self-esteem and academic ability, with a profound potential to open up a young persons view of the world beyond his or hers immediate surroundings.

What art means to a city as an economic diver

Local art’s outreach programs have the potential to incorporate the basic practices of urban retail sectors to garner an understanding of entrepreneurship in the community and as young artists themselves

We can hardly wait to see the boys final work from this weekend. Stop by the AMASS Gallery on Mason St. down in the Funk Zone and check out the phenomenal murals of our students and other amazing local artists!

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or stop by the center at 209 Anacapa St., Santa Barbara.

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