Starting Something New!

With our Fall semester right around the corner, we are incredibly excited for many new students, new mentors and a curriculum that after 3 years is shaping up to be our most colorful and impactful to date!

As you continue to read, we dive into the topics listed below:

1. What’s new?

2. Upcoming Public Art Projects & Events

3. Art Theme for Fall 2015

4. Michael McDonald & Ambrosia Concert (October 11th)

What’s new?

1. We are looking at more than half of our students being new for the Fall ‘15 semester.  With so many wonderful students graduating last Spring (they will be missed!) we have arms wide open for a new cohort of creativity and young entrepreneurs!

2. NEW Mentors!  This invaluable volunteer position is one of our most important pieces and we are SO excited to welcome new mentors into our programming!

3. Curriculum for our students is taking leaps and bounds as we analyze the last 3 years and how to best teach business skills that translate into real life success!

Upcoming Public Art Projects & Events

1. Pianos on State: We had the pleasure of choosing 3 YI related artists to participate in this wonderful project! Most of us have become aware of this highly visible and beautiful collaboration between musicians and visual artists!  We are so thankful to be involved in this project and cannot wait to see the finished products! 

2. New mural in Funk Zone!!! Our students will be working with other artists to complete a new VERY visible mural…MORE TO COME :)

3. Public Market First Thursday, October 1st!  Come support our local artists and our youth at this event that will be bubbling with drink, food and AMAZING ART.

Art Theme for Fall 2015


Artwork by Anke Gladnick

Michael McDonald & Ambrosia Concert (October 11th)

Don’t Forget…VIP & ULTRA VIP Tickets still available!