Ridiculous Dreams, Beautiful Walls

Last weekend, the YI Creative Studio had a great afternoon meeting with Stephen Duneier, better known as the Yarnbomber, talking about his dreams, art, and accomplishing the ridiculous.

“I’ve had a lifetime of ridiculous dreams, and done everything I could to make them happen,” he told the YI Creative Studio team. This semester, he has generously donated his time to work with our artists and interns to build their presence online and in our community within Santa Barbara.

Check out Stephen’s work online at Yarnbomber.com - or hike into the mountains around Santa Barbara to see them in person!


The gallery team enjoyed a respite outside checking out Zio Ziegler’s mural on Reds down the street. Zio’s mural is stunning, and our artists were excited to watch and learn from him as he worked. The work behind the scenes was typical of the collaborative efforts to make the Funk Zone a hotbed of creativity: Marcello Ricci and the Santa Barbara Arts Fund as well as a grant from the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission made the invite to Zio possible and secured funding for the mural, and the art could not have been realized without the wall donated by Reds, which has been home to so many great works of art.


The collaborative art continues this weekend with a group show at Gone Gallery. Their new show, Made You Look, opens tomorrow night, Friday, March 6 from 5:00-8:00 pm. Several of the artists in the show have volunteered their time and expertise as mentors at Youth Interactive, including Skye Gwilliam, David Diamant, and Danny Meza. In all, the show features over one dozen artists, and they are all helping make the Funk Zone the most creative space in Santa Barbara.