Education First Fundraiser for YI

EF Santa Barbara has been a wonderful partner, and they just announced an exciting new fund raiser to benefit Youth Interactive. 

International students studying English at EF downtown have been a great help to Youth Interactive. This year alone, we have had student volunteers from Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy. Bringing together EF International students with our youth has provided invaluable opportunities for multicultural learning, language exchange, and much more.

EF Santa Barbara depends on local volunteers to host their international students, as cultural immersion is an integral part of their experience. For each person who signs up to host a student by June 1st, EF will donate $150 to Youth Interactive! Volunteers will host an international student for 2-8 during the summer, and based on our experience, the students are a pleasure!

For more information, contact Megan Murphy at EF Santa Barbara:,