Breaking Down Barrels, Building a Business

We are one month into the spring semester, and the new semester has brought several exciting developments in the Resurrected By Youth (RBY) program. We are excited to partner with La Cuesta high school - students from La Cuesta have been amazing contributors to each of our programs, and RBY is no exception. Thank you to La Cuesta for providing a great workshop space and a team of driven students!

The RBY team began their semester by breaking down wine barrels to create their raw materials. The students are learning the craft of carpentry from York Shingle, a master carpenter and passionate teacher.

The team will be building cheese boards, dog beds, and other products from the reclaimed wood. As they look to build partnerships with local shops to carry their goods, the team has been getting expert business mentorship from Dale Dewey and Rob Dafoe, a visual artist, winemaker, and entrepreneur.

We are excited to see where the team goes this semester, and we hope you join us in following their entrepreneurial journey!