YI Student gets job at Panache Bridals

Pier Pressure Designs (PPD) student, Mayte Ramirez just got hired as a Stylist Assistant at Panache Bridals!

Panache Bridals is a bridal boutique with designer wedding gowns, formal dresses, and accessories. They are located on State Street in Santa Barbara about a block away from Youth Interactive. Other Panache locations include Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and Costa Mesa.


Mayte is a senior at Santa Barbara High School, and has been a part of Youth Interactive since Fall 2018. This year, she hopes to transfer to Alta Vista to give herself more freedom in creating her schedule and balancing school and work life. She also hopes to take on some sort of leadership role in PPD this year!

Mayte’s favorite part of her summer vacation has been that she finally has time to go home and read! She is currently reading The Story of Psychology by Morton Hunt and loves how it gives “the background of how psychology started since the Egyptian times.”

As for her new job, Mayte just finished her first full week at Panache and loves it so much. She says that her favorite part is the work environment and the fact that she gets to work with designers.

“It’s really fun and the dresses are so beautiful! I also like that fact that I get to dress up all professional.”

Mayte has always had a curiosity about fashion and through her employment at Panache, she hopes to learn more about the fashion industry and more about each designer and their line of dresses.

With Panache being so close to YI, Mayte likes to stop by before her shifts. She says that being a part of Youth Interactive helped give her the security, confidence, and encouragement she needed going into the interview process.

“YI literally coached me before the interview. I came in and they coached me through it…And that’s my favorite part of YI: the people. They are just fun to talk to and it’s just like family now. It’s literally just like family.”

We are so proud of Mayte and her new position at Panache! It is so fun and encouraging to watch our students enter into and excel in the workforce. There is so much talent, passion, and hard work in today’s youth and we are so lucky to get to be a part of the mentoring and nurturing of that!

Thank you to the YI community for your continued support of our mission and students. We could not do what we do without your help and generosity!

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