Tutoring & Education: Mission Scholars

Mission Scholars is giving the opportunity for TEN Youth Interactive students to join their 2019 program!

Mission Scholars is a group that provides academic advising, mentorship, college admissions counseling, and more to high-achieving, underserved students. Understanding that applying to college can be confusing and complicated, Mission Scholars works to level the playing field and create opportunities and give guidance to those who may not otherwise have access to such. Some opportunities Mission Scholars provides are: SAT and ACT prep courses, college admissions workshops, and Southern California college tours.

Mayte posing in front of a custom PPD bag sign at 1st Thursday

Mayte posing in front of a custom PPD bag sign at 1st Thursday

One of the ten YI students is Mayte Ramirez, a junior from Santa Barbara High School on our Pier Pressure Designs team. Mayte is excited for the opportunities offered by Mission Scholars. She says,

“I thought I needed to go to City College for two years to work and get enough money for a four-year university, but Mission Scholars sends you to a four-year university and helps you find the financial aid you need. This will give me the opportunity to go to a university right out of high school and get started on my studies.”

Mayte hopes to get an environmental law degree and already has her eye on schools all over the country—from New York to Ohio to Washington and even Canada!

We are so excited for these students and thankful for Mission Scholars for such an amazing opportunity and offer!