Student Spotlight: Elle

Elle Kamiuru is finishing her junior year at Santa Barbara High School in the Visual Arts and Design Academy.

Elle CS.jpeg

Since a young age, Elle has been interested in film and technology related mediums. Because of this interest, Elle went with Peace Works Travel to the San Diego-Tijuana border this past January to learn about immigration policy, film making, and storytelling. There, she and the others on the trip worked with a film marker to create a documentary about a woman from Honduras seeking asylum in the United States.

After the trip, Elle was connected with Jenny, who is in the film industry, so she could continue to learn the ins and outs of filmmaking. Since meeting, Elle has started working on creating a promotional video for the Creative Studio team. Jenny lets Elle use her film equipment and together, they have met four or five times to work on the project.

In the future, Elle hopes to continue doing film related things. While she doesn’t think there is a specific film job she is working toward, she hopes that she can “just be in it.” She does think it would be fun to create videos like the Vox Borders Videos or music related videos. For her next project, Elle is going to Spain to learn Spanish and film her experience.

In addition to working in film, Elle and YI student Mariela Meza wrote an article entitled “Youth Interactive: A Student Perspective” that was published in Voice Magazine. Both Elle and Mariela think that it is “cool that it is in [the magazine].” After the article was published, Elle and Mariela ran into an employee from Voice Magazine who recognized them from their article. Elle says that interaction made her words being published seem more real.

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