End of the Semester Recap: YI Events and Programs

The end of the semester has been a busy time at Youth Interactive!


End of Semester Recap:

1st Thursday Student Showcase: Our Student Showcase is one of, if not, the biggest events of the year for our students. This is when each team and each student gets a chance to showcase to the public everything they have been working on! This year, we had many amazing parts to the evening! Our Creative Studio team covered our walls in astounding and beautiful works. All pieces are for purchase and those not sold are still in the shop now! Pier Pressure Designs had custom bags being made for customers in real time. After guests picked out their preferred fabrics and zippers, the students took them to the sewing machine to create the product right before their eyes. Infinite Treasure made personalized necklaces and rings. Guests got to pick the semi-precious stone and then the students created the jewelry right there! Havok teamed with Creative Studio to make custom-designed shirts. They also debuted their new t-shirt designs. Overall, it has been a great semester, and we are so glad our students could see their hard work pay off as they shared it with the Santa Barbara community.

Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf, CalCPA, and SBCC came into our business classes to help students learn more about scholarships and financial aid! They helped make FASFA less intimidating, provided resources, and gave tips and tools for students to use as they work toward looking at and applying to colleges.

Vision Board Extravaganza: Get It Done hosted a 2-day Vision Board Extravaganza. During, students were able to channel their creativity as they thought about their future, their dreams, and their goals. They cut up magazines and created boards to represent what they envision for their future!

End of Semester Awards, Parties, and Closings: To celebrate the end of the semester, our student-led businesses gave awards and certificates to their Student Leaders, CEOs, and CFOs for their willingness to go above and beyond for their team! Havok and Pier Pressure Designs even had an Ice Cream Sundae and Movie Party, where they brought bean bags into the business room and watched Black Panther! How fun to celebrate with the students and honor their hard work.