So Thankful for Yardi Systems, Inc.

Yardi Systems, Inc. has been a supporter of Youth Interactive since 2017. We are thankful for their generosity and are excited to continue in partnership with them in the future!

I had the pleasure of meeting with Kelly Johnson, Yardi’s Culture and Philanthropic Coordinator, to talk more about the partnership between Youth Interactive and Yardi.

At Yardi Systems, employees are given the opportunity to nominate different organizations and non-profits that they believe are doing good work in the community. Youth Interactive was nominated by Yardi Employee Sagar Morabia. After the nominations were voted on, Youth Interactive was one of the top five organizations!

As a company, Yardi puts a large emphasis on education. According to Johnson,

Yardi’s nonprofit giving has a major focus on early childhood education. Research shows that students who do not read proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to leave high school without a diploma than proficient readers, [according to a study by The Annie E. Casey Foundation].  The same way Yardi wants to help clients have a good experience with our products, we want their children to excel in their lives and this starts with education.  It is important to Yardi to partner with other organizations that are working to empower students. Yardi and Youth Interactive are both passionate about supporting students’ education and working to help build a confident, capable, and courageous generation.

In the future, we hope that the partnership between Yardi and Youth Interactive will continue to grow! Both organizations are excited to find ways to cross paths, whether that be in volunteer opportunities for Yardi employees or YI students coming to share about their experiences at the Yardi Campus.

The Yardi HR Team volunteering at Direct Relief

The Yardi HR Team volunteering at Direct Relief

Thank you, Yardi, for your partnership and generosity! We appreciate the work you all are doing.