Collaborative Impact: Thank you to the Santa Barbara Public Market!

The Santa Barbara Public Market (SBPM) has been a great support to Youth Interactive over the years, and we could not be more thankful for the relationship we have been able to form and the generosity shown to us by the Public Market.

I had the privilege to sit down and speak with Marge Cafarelli, the owner of the Public Market, to learn more about the partnership between YI and SBPM. 

Youth Interactive and the Public Market first started collaborating when the Public Market allowed use of their kitchen to the YI biscotti team. As students worked in this space, they were able to experience a true work environment and be more public about their business and product with the greater community. Over this time, Cafarelli got to know some of the students, and the relationship between the Public Market and Youth Interactive started to grow. 

The Public Market wanted to be able to further participate in Youth Interactive’s work. They think it is really important for young people to have a place to go to express themselves, do art or homework, and get tutoring, and they wanted to be able to be a part of that community. As their own mission, the Santa Barbara Public Market is all about community. They want to support the local community and provide a place for people to feel welcomed and safe, and this seemed to be a great fit with YI’s mission. 

A shipment of food and snacks from the Public Market for our students!

A shipment of food and snacks from the Public Market for our students!

Cafarelli and the Public Market started thinking of ways to collaborate. They wanted to go beyond just giving money and over the years have donated so much—like a brand new white board, multiple computers, tables, chairs, and so much more. Just like how the Public Market provides Santa Barbara with good and healthy food, the Public Market has also been generous enough to stock our kitchen here at Youth Interactive! They provide food and snacks for our students, and we could not be more thankful for that. 

We are so lucky to have a partnership with the Santa Barbara Public Market, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate and grow in our relationship with them in the future! Thank you, SBPM!