YI Business Spotlight: Resurrected by Youth

What is Resurrected by Youth?

Resurrected by Youth (RBY) is the Youth Interactive program that works with incarcerated high school boys at Los Prietos Boys Camp to upcycle or resurrect wine barrels from wineries in the Santa Barbara County. The RBY program is an elective that the young men can take to learn about entrepreneurship, business, life skills, and wood working. We currently have three mentors who go to Los Prietos Boys Camp (LPBC) on Saturdays. In the mornings, they work on overall class work and then in the afternoons, carpenters teach the guys how to use wood shop tools and turn the donated wine barrels into something new!

What has Resurrected by Youth been working on?

One of the bowls made by RBY! Perfect for fruit!

One of the bowls made by RBY! Perfect for fruit!

In March, the mentors at RBY have been focusing on teaching the boys how to find a job, how to fill out a job application, how to prepare an interview, and how to present themselves well and be confident in who they are! One way they did this was by filling out a Subway application on their own and then walking through it and discussing the important parts. Along with these lessons, the boys learned woodworking fundamentals and then worked on their first project, which was to make bowls from barrel staves. For their current project, they are working on making small tables!

How can the YI community support Resurrected by Youth?

As a community, it is important for us to believe in these young men. Each one is an amazing and capable person that may just need a reason to believe in themselves, someone to support them, and affirmation that are a part of this community. Buy RBY products in the shop to support these guys too!

Thank you to RBY mentors Fred Cockrell and Chad Burgoyne for the work you are doing and for sharing what you guys are up to at LPBC!