Charming Vista: New white wine to benefit Youth Interactive

If you haven’t heard, Belmond El Encanto and Sunstone Winery are collaborating to create two custom wines to benefit Youth Interactive! $5 from each bottle will go directly to us! The first of the two, Enchanted Riviera, is a red wine blend that has been released and is for sale exclusively at Belmont El Encanto. The second, Charming Vista, is a mysterious white wine that has been a pretty well kept secret, marketed only as “available later this year” or “early 2019.”

WELL, the wait is almost over, and we are here to give a sneak peak and spill all the details!

According to the sommelier's notes, the white wine will be a blend consisting of 70% Sauvignon Blanc and 30% Semillon. Charming Vista has an exotic fruit aroma with a bright citrusy palate with hints of white pepper and cinnamon stick. Final notes will be offered during bottling.

The anticipated release date is March 8 of this year, which also happens to be International Women’s Day. Following that trend and the empowerment of the women in our community, the hope was for the bottle art to be able to encompass a female perspective.

Louisa Edwards has been chosen to create the art for the bottle! Louisa, who currently works at Youth Interactive and was a student in Youth Interactive as well, is a talented and amazing artist, and we are excited to see what she comes up with to represent Charming Vista!

Louisa met with Chinna Nahabedian and Marc Fialip from Belmond El Encanto this past week to discuss the details. They suggested that the art encompass the charm of the area and the beautiful views but are excited for Louisa to take full reign of this project and work her magic. After their meeting, Louisa explored the property to take in the colors, sights, florals, and overall essence. Here are some pictures from the visit:

We hope you are getting excited for March 8 and Charming Vista. Stay tuned for the reveal of Louisa’s bottle art, and a special thanks again to Belmond El Encanto and Sunstone Winery!