YI Business Spotlight: Infinite Treasures

Our youth-led jewelry business had quite a month!

In February, Infinite Treasures (IT) sold over $500 worth of jewelry! As a business, they consistently come out as one of Youth Interactive’s top sellers and are also consistently releasing new products each week. Every piece of jewelry sold is an exclusive, one of a kind, handmade product. Here are a few fun facts about this semester’s Infinite Treasures team:

  • IT is made up of a range of 15-17 year olds, all from Santa Barbara High School.

  • There are four new students to this semester’s team!

  • More than just a business, most all of the IT students are friends outside of Youth Interactive.

While Infinite Treasures definitely knows how to have a good laugh and enjoy each other’s company, they also know how to be productive, intentional, and get stuff done. Here is a look into some of the things they have accomplished this month:

Infinite Treasures’ window display for the month of February

Infinite Treasures’ window display for the month of February

  • Students elected a CEO (Helene Navarrete), CFO (Stephanie Perez), and Student Leader (Osiel Ocampo).

  • Student Leader, Osiel Ocampo, singlehandedly made 120 pieces of homemade jewelry in one week! When asked, he said he makes jewelry because “it’s a good outlet for creativity.”

  • IT made this month’s window display in the front of the YI shop! Their display was inspired by Frida Kahlo. Using tissue paper, they created beautiful, big, red flowers. These also thematically represented Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year!

  • Students started learning how to run a successful business and how to recognize and appreciate different styles of leadership. The team said that two big takeaways were that to be successful, you need a good team behind you, and that not every leader is the same, and that is okay.

Going forward to the rest of the semester, the Infinite Treasures team is excited to continue to infuse their own unique style into each piece of jewelry they make. They just started introducing Swarovski crystals into their work and plan to come out with new designs soon!

Come to our shop to see all the amazing products created by this Infinite Treasures team!

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