Happy Endings & New Beginnings

Our Gratitude: As we venture into the end of April and into the beginning of May, we would like to thank our supporters, benefactors, and community partners for all of their generosity. April was a huge month for us and things are only looking up! 


Congregation of B'nai Brith

We would love to thank the CBB and its members for all of their transformative help over the last year. Their continued support has truly transformed our center and kept our mission alive. Thanks to the CBB, we have also been able to expand our program to include free tutoring and civic help through Get It Done. Any student struggling with school subjects, getting citizenship, or any other legal troubles can get free one-on-one help from a member of the CBB. 

Another awesome service the CBB has brought to Youth Interactive is job shadowing. They provide our students with a list of professional contacts, which they can choose from and meet to get a real world look at their preferred fields of interest. This enables them to make more informed decisions about their career paths and ultimately empowers them to go for their dreams. Thank you again, CBB! 

Other Organizations and Benefactors We Would Like to Thank:

  • Third Window Brewing Company: Back in February, Third Window approached us to be their March "Charity Tap" recipient. Each month, the brewing company chooses a local nonprofit to celebrate for a month and donate $1 per beer purchase to. This is just one of many ways we love to collaborate with local organizations to encourage unity in our local area.

  • Thank you to everyone who has donated sails to our Pier Pressure Designs team to recycle into their fashionable products: Tom Parker, Geoff McFarland, Ron Boehm, and Jim Voorhees. Continuing to have these sail enables these students to continue making their products, ultimately empowering them to strive for a brighter future!

  • CozDrvn: CozDrvn is a resource for ethical and sustainable fashion who invited us to participate in their Pure Purpose Earth Day Market at Paseo Nuevo. The purpose of this market is to encourage people to think about why they buy things and to purchase with purpose. Thanks to their invitation, our students were able to put their entrepreneurial abilities to work out in the field. It was a great experience for us all!

  • A final thank you to every organization and benefactor from Santa Barbara and beyond who has been supporting us over the last year. Thanks to your help, we are stronger than ever as we extend our mission to more youth in our area. We look forward to the continuation of this strong year and an even stronger 2018.