A Letter of Thanks from Our Youth

Our Youth: A Special Thank You from Mia Balboa

Mia Balboa is a senior at La Cuesta High School in Santa Barbara and a youth leader at Youth Interactive. We are so excited to announce that she will be graduating high school at the end of this school year and plans to go Santa Barbara City College. Congratulations, Mia! In the meantime, Mia leads one of our youth led micro businesses, Infinite Treasures, as CEO. 

Here at the Infinite Treasures team, we are so very grateful for our donors. They have helped us start something amazing and new! We always want to show our appreciation in a creative way. For example, each of us made a key chain for each of our donors. Everyone on the team has their own unique style and shows it in the jewelry that is made. We all decided that key chains were the perfect thing to thank our donors for all that they’ve done for us! In the production process, we all sit down and discuss what’s going to be done before anything gets started. Then our hands and minds can go wild and design beautiful creations. The process is very calming. Most of the time you have no idea what you’re going to make, which is the nicest thing about it. With these key chains, we wanted to show thanks, so we designed what we thought would be meaningful pieces! Our team is going strong and the experience this is giving all of us is worth everything and more. We cannot thank our donors enough for their support