Staff Highlight: Geoffrey Berz


Youth interactive would not be as successful as it is today, without the work of their amazing staff. Everyday they work extremely hard to help make an impact on every student, as much as possible. One of the core team members who is continuously working hard is Geoffrey Berz. Geoffrey is the Program Director at Youth Interactive and has been part of the YI family since Fall 2015. Geoffrey stays rather busy throughout the days and even in this most hectic of afternoons he still manages to always keep a smile on his face. We are so lucky to have him here at Youth Interactive, and for the impact he leaves on the students.

So Geoffrey, Why did you seek out a non-profit organization?

I have sought out this specific non profit because looking back on it, as high school aged student was always caught between acting in a way that felt authentic and a way I thought others wanted me to behave. I believe that Youth Interactive cuts through all of this and provides an incredibly supportive environment for youth to be the most authentic individuals they can be, all while learning the basics of entrepreneurship and valuable vocational skills. I would have absolutely loved to find a home like this in high school.


I know you do many things here, can you tell me about a few of the things you do on a daily basis?

On a daily basis, I communicate with mentors and students from each team to ensure that they understand they day ahead, will be attending their business meetings and feel supported. I also communicate a wide variety of partners who help fulfill various programming needs  I also do everything from tracking and analyzing student data, to writing reports.  In a nutshell I job is to ensure the center is running smoothing and programming is at a high quality. One of the most important things I do is ensure the emotional climate in the center is a very positive one for mentors and students, and a very constructive environment with regards to learning and personal growth.  However, the  most important thing I do daily is making sure all the basic needs the students are met. We have a program called Get it Done, where we look at all the  basic needs of each student such as tutoring, graduation for High School, applying to college, getting a California ID and more.


Do you have a favorite memory at YI?

Early on we did an event called Open Streets, where we took the Creative Studio art team out to Cabrillo Blvd. We set up a table in the sunshine, and we had a lot of fun just making art and selling our products. We are able to connect with each other and the community. It was beautiful day.


If you could describe Youth Interactive in one word, what would it be?



If you could give any advice to the students, what would it be?

I would advise each student to dig deep into all the services we offer ensuring we can help them with absolutely everything they desire to achieve.  


Geoffrey and the other team members at YI are full of dedication, heart and integrity. On a day to day basis, they do everything they can to make an impact on these students. We are appreciative of everything they do, and we are so lucky to have Geoffrey and the other team members here at Youth Interactive!