Business Highlight: RBY

Youth Interactive is a unique place that allows young entrepreneurs the chance to showcase their talent in new, innovative ways. Students come from all around the Santa Barbara county and meet up at Youth Interactive once or twice a week to create and learn business skills. There are currently five businesses at Youth Interactive, and each of them allow students to break out of the “everyday” way of learning taught in schools and let them express their creativity in their own, unique way.

One team, who is continuously working hard, is Resurrected By Youth. RBY is a carpentry business made up solely of high school students. Since establishing two years ago, they have grown enormously. Using recycled wine barrels as their main material, they have been able to create some amazing pieces. Originally having only one candle design, they have since grown and created multiple candle designs. Additionally, they have crafted two separate wine holders and are currently in the works of making a new light fixture. In addition to learning carpentry skills, RBY is also trained in business and marketing to help better prepare them for their future.  

Ethan Klein, a key member of RBY, says “I like being at Youth Interactive because of the welcoming environment here, as well as all the cool stuff my team gets to do.”  Ethan, along with Will Hurtado, are two young entrepreneurs who have been with RBY for the past couple of years. Between them, Jose Romero and Alec Martinez, RBY has become a wonderful success. With so many accomplishments in just a short period of time, it is exciting to see what amazing thing they will do next.