Our Student of the Month!

We are SO excited to announce the beginning of our Student Of the Month award! This award will be given out each month to to one of our young entrepreneurs that shined bright and worked especially hard with their team.

Our very first Student of the Month is Spencer Clark! Spencer is part of the Havok Team and has been with Youth Interactive since Fall 2015. Get to know more about Spencer in his interview below!

Why do you think Youth Interactive is special? 

"YI gives kids a chance to have a real world experience. We can learn how to earn money doing what we love. It gives us a chance to get paid while learning new skills. I also love the work environment and the friends I have made here!"

What is your favorite part about Havok? 

"I really enjoy working with a team on graphic designing. My dad is a graphic designer, so graphic designing has been in my family for awhile and I plan to be a graphic designer in the future".  

What do you like to do with your free time? 

"I enjoy being out doors. For fun, I like to go snowboarding, skateboarding and biking. Graphic design is also something that I enjoy doing." 

What are your dreams? 

"I aim to be a pro snowboarder or graphic designer. I don’t need to have a lot of money, just enough to live a decent life. I would rather be outside doing what I love, than to be stuck in a office accumulating money." 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

"I like to eat dry ramen [without cooking it] sometimes."