Congratulations to our graduates!

We are so proud of our Youth Interactive students who are graduating!

Our interns Bryce, Collin and Chloe are graduating from UCSB. Thank you for everything that you have done for us.  We also have students graduating from La Cuesta, SBHS, and VADA. 100% of our high school seniors graduated.

Some of you we’ve watched for years developing your craft and becoming more comfortable in your own skin. Keep learning and expanding into the incredible people that you are. Come back and visit and tell us how you’re doing. We’d love to see you.  

Thank you all of our Get It Done volunteers and 1:1 Tutors.

All students at Youth Interactive not only learn how to be creative entrepreneurs but they also get help with any classes that they are taking in school, high school or college level. These free tutoring sessions take place at the YI studio and everyone benefits. Christina, who is the head of the Pier Pressure group, was so happy to get help with biology in college. She said it was a huge relief to do well and get that class behind her.

Thank you to our fantastic tutoring staff for all that you do!

We Love you!

It’s so great when people come in and love our products!

Last week we had a teacher from a school for the deaf and she was so happy to see our love shirts. Not only do they express love but they bring attention to sign language. To be compassionate to others who have special needs or just speak another language, makes us more well-rounded and open to people that are different from us. Selling products is one of the life lines to Youth Interactive so spread love in any language by coming in and buying our products. 

Come join our focus group

If you’re a supporter of Youth Interactive, what outcomes mean the most to you?

We are always taking surveys and entering data to back up our successes and to know where we need to do better. We recently attended The Program Community Training for Evaluation South Coast Task Force on Youth Safety. To help us expand our research and give us fresh ideas on how to get statistics and review outcomes. If you’re a supporter of YI come in and join a focus group. Contact