James Hodgson and Max Neufeldt -

Birds and The Mechanical Age

Jim Hodgson -  Prairie Falcon

Jim Hodgson- Prairie Falcon

Birds and The Mechanical Age - Jim Hodgson and Max Neufeldt

Birds and The Mechanical Age. Featuring artists James Hodgson and Max Neufeldt, two of Santa Barbara's most interesting artists show pieces that both contrast and coexist. Also, Santa Barbara Student Art Grant Exhibition - Lucidity Community

About the artists

James F. Hodgson was born in Alberta, Canada in 1956 and grew up in Santa Barbara, California, where he still resides.  Jim began his love of bird watching at age eleven when he went on his first Audubon bird watching trip.  He later began sketching and painting birds and wildlife as an adjunct to his lifelong study of birds, reptiles and mammals.

Pacific Loon

Pacific Loon

Jim’s successful career as a mechanical designer in the engineering filed has honed his illustrative technique.  His precision and attention to detail is reflected in his unique painting style, which combines accurate detail with muted abstract backgrounds.  

He spends countless hours in the field drawing inspiration from actual experiences and encounters with his subjects.   Jim uses field notes, sketches and his own photography to compose his pieces in the studio.  Careful attention is given to the authenticity of habitat and anatomy of his subjects.

Jim believes it’s imperative that we protect our remaining wild lands and habitats to ensure rich biodiversity and ecological health of the planet.  “It would be such a loss for future generations to not know the beauty of these creatures.”  He hopes his paintings will help the viewer appreciate how much is at stake and motivate them to protect our environment.

Jim paints in oil on hand-stretched linen canvas and custom frames each piece.  He never compromises on the quality of materials to ensure his paintings will be around for hundreds of years.  Jim’s paintings hang in private homes and collections throughout the Western United States and Canada. 

James Hodgson Fine Art | Wildlife Paintings, Drawings & Prints | (805) 698-8740 ⬥ jimhodgson@cox.net

Max Neufeldt was born in Stafford, Kansas, in 1938.  When he was small boy, his parents left their Mennonite community to raise their children in Mt. Vernon, New York.  Max traveled back to Kansas every summer to work on the family farm with his cousins, aunts and uncles.  The rustic beauty of the rural Midwest continues to impact Max’s artistic style and personal sensibility.  

Max earned his BFA from Ohio Wesleyan, and his MFA at the Pratt Institute in New York.  In addition to pen and ink drawing, Max uses wood, welded metal rod, tin and found objects to create low-relief sculptures that reflect the intricate aesthetic of the Mechanical Age.  His artwork has shown in a number of galleries throughout the West, and is sought by collectors in the U.S. and abroad. 

Max Neufeldt,   WW2

Max Neufeldt, WW2

Artist Statement:

I always thought of myself as an artist, but I was always and still am a bit reluctant to publicly call myself “an artist.”  There is sort of a pompous sound to that statement, “I’m an artist.”  Since there is a hint of collage in a lot of things I make, I’ve often thought that the title “choreographer of parts” [materials] sounded more accurate.  

I believe that every artist’s responsibility is to say something no one has ever said before, even if the subject matter or the medium has been used a thousand times by a million different people.  If every person is a unique individual, then they would have to have to have a slightly different take on the world from anyone else.  I find joy in seeing each person as someone who is totally their own person.

Exhibition dates: September 5-September 30, 2019

Join us for the opening night of the exhibition! Thursday, September 5 from 5:00-8:00pm at Youth Interactive!