Shadow Medicine and Unfinished Business

Large and small scale graphic-dynamic mixed media, paintings and
collage created by Rebecca Traver and James Paul Lambert.

James Paul Lambert - Unfinished Business

James Paul Lambert - Unfinished Business


James Lambert was born and raised in the midwest. Lambert grew up watching science fiction and reading comic books, which inspired him to draw, paint, and create from a early age. Self taught as a teenager, he started doing graphic design, illustrating t-shirts and creating murals while in high school. Upon graduation he attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and The American Academy of Art in Chicago. He achieved commercial success as a undergraduate by selling a handful of his earliest works to a group of private collectors. He continued to produce art which reflected the depth, diversity and conflict during that period in Chicago. Lambert was a recipient of The Ryerson Family fellowship in his final year of study.

After a brief stay in Chicago he moved West, eventually settling in Santa Barbara, California. As a career artist Lambert has taken on many roles in the creative community ranging from illustrator, graphic artist, sign painter, product designer as well as creative director. His work today represents a eclectic blend of movement, color, technology, design and experimentation. A few of the artist’s creative influences include 1960’s fashion and car culture, Futurism, Chicago architecture, 80’s street art and Southern California Modernism. Conflict continues to be a common characteristic in his work today, surface vs. substance, faith vs. fear, man vs. machine and good vs. evil. These results not only challenge and engage the viewer, but allow Lambert to process his point of view, as well as share his experience.

Shadow Medicine - Rebecca Traver

 The pieces of mine you see here represents roughly 25 years of creative process & response to life experience. Broadly speaking, the works explore the relationships between Change & Trust, Study & Knowledge, and Risk & Courage.

For me, collage is the form which best conveys the layered & labyrinthine aspects of impact, transformation, and healing which is I how I experience living my life in this world. I dedicate this show to my creative mentor and dear friend Steve Fields.

Shadow Medicine…the cycles of remembering, dismembering, and remembering…worlds within worlds.

Rebecca Traver has lived and worked in Santa Barbara, CA since the mid-seventies – as an artist, student & practitioner of the healing arts, bookseller, and publisher; notably, of the literary / art journal coldsweat with her creative partner Steve Fields.

For Rebecca, creative self-expression is a function of the transformational process…rearranging patterns from one form to another, exploring how an alteration in position can reveal relational insights previously unrealized. 

The printed page is her artistic passion and her work as a collage artist finds source materials in magazines, newspapers, books, and the extraordinarily ordinary ephemera of everyday life.

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Exhibition Dates: July 5-July 31, 2019